A Story with a lot of Mileage


Jay and I are selling my Honda Civic (comment if interested!), so we did our research and decided to drive to a Honda dealership in McKinney. We really liked the service we received there before, with oil changes and what not, so we thought we’d give them first pick at my car. Big mistake! The man that helped us was very nice; however, the salesman…who definitely lived up to the stereotype…was not. In a very arrogant manner, he told us what he’d offer for my car. I saw the number and in my head screamed, “What?!?” It was WAY under retail value for my Honda. In fact, it was even a couple thousand under the Blue Book value for trade-ins! He blatantly told us he wouldn’t give us anywhere near the retail value because they would turn around and sell it for retail, therefore making a huge profit. Also, leaving me and Jay with no profit whatsoever!

All that to say, we’re still selling my car. 🙂 The Honda keeps its value very well and would be an awesome car for someone. Jay and I are just trying to get down to one car payment. (Read up on some Dave Ramsey material and you’ll understand!)

So, sad day for us. But we’re confident God has a plan. After all, He’s the one who brought us together. And if you haven’t heard the story about how, ask one of us. Let’s just say God offered us above and beyond the “retail value” we were settling for in other relationships. And we took it gladly. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Story with a lot of Mileage

  1. I think one car is a great idea. I recommend a good bike (just be aware, they don’t come with heaters). I didn’t know you had a wordpress. I actually have one I don’t tell people about. I think if you click on my name it will take you to it.

  2. Hi Nicole and Jay,

    I used to live in Kaufman and am now in McKinney. Just curious as to what year the Civic is and what you’re asking… I have 2 boys about to be 16…

    Thanks so much!

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