Quick! To the Man Cave!

If you’ve been to our house, you’ve probably noticed what a wonderful wife I am. 😉 We have a converted garage, which is fairly common in Irving. However, our converted garage is now…(drumroll)… a Man Cave—similar to the Bat Cave, but without the Batmobile, and all the weapons,…and the bats. More on that later…

In Irving, many people choose to convert their garages into second living areas/extra bedrooms. From what I understand, square footage increases the value of your house more than a garage. Our garage served as an extra bedroom/living area for the previous residents’ daughter. It even has a sink, which we’ve used to wash all of our paint brushes. Although I wanted to change the room back into a garage for safety reasons, we decided it would be better and cheaper to leave it as a converted room.

But how do you furnish a Man Cave with no money? Well, we started receiving all kinds of free furniture from friends who were moving or cleaning out their rooms. TVs, a couch, chairs…awesome, free stuff. Now, we have a mostly furnished Man Cave. But it was missing something. I thought it was paint…Jay thought it was a pool table.

As luck would have it, our friend Jared’s parents were getting rid of their pool table because they were selling their house in Denton. For a low, low price, we could come get the pool table and put it in the man cave. If you’ve ever moved a pool table (or tried), I’m sure you realized quickly that you can’t just come “get” a pool table. There’s a process…

Smart people (or just wealthy people) would hire professional pool-table-movers to come disassemble the table. The slate, which is incredibly heavy, can be broken into three (ish) pieces. Then, you move the table in chunks, and pay to have it reassembled (refelted and reslated) in your house.

But for us, money was an issue (in that, we didn’t have any). So, instead of breaking the pool table into chunks and dollying it out, we chose a different route. And by we, I mean Jay and his friends. 🙂 They moved the pool table in one giant piece, down a flight of stairs, with only ropes and blankets.

My job? To pray they would all survive.

And though there were times I was sure I was about to witness someone being crushed to death by this table, by the grace of God, we were able to move the table from Denton to Irving with very little damage to the either house or any person.

Now, anyone who frequents our little home is able to enjoy a game or two of pool or ping-pong, since the table can also be easily converted into a ping-pong table. However, our Man Cave is still looking a little…dull. Jay would like to paint the room navy and silver, with a giant star on one of the walls. Surprising? No. I, however, would like not to.

The Billupses (previous pool table owners) mentioned that, hidden under a tablecloth, the table makes a great serving area for parties and get-togethers. I would love to be able to host those things at my house and utilize the table. However, I do not want to host said party in what would appear to be the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room.

Jay and I agreed on a neutral (or even navy) wall color with the Cowboy star on one of the walls. I should be able to easily cover it with something in the event of a party.

Here’s my vision for our Man Cave. Nice, right? Still looks manly without scaring off the women. That’s the goal.

Jay has some awesome black and white pictures of baseball greats in action that we think will compliment the walls.

I just realized I never even took pictures of the garage when we first moved in because of how ugly it is. Maybe I’ll try to take some pictures now that we’ve changed it a little bit.

Let me know if you have some great Man Cave ideas. A few guidelines: no weapons, no skulls, no alive (or once alive) animals hanging on the walls. Other than that, let the creativity flow… 🙂


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