Hamburgers and Hot Dog!

(title courtesy of Jay)

Most days are average days for us. The ebb and flow of life stays mostly calm, swishing and swashing back and forth at a fairly reasonable pace. There aren’t very many (if any) emotional ups and downs throughout the majority of our days. However, Tuesday proved to be different.

My day started off rather normal. I went up to the church to help Jay with some materials for Spring Break Camp next week. I also worked on our grocery list and menus for this month. I’m trying a new system, so I needed to get some things in order.

I came home about 3:15 to spend some time hanging out with Toby. He’s a Yorkie, so by nature, he has tons of energy. I try to take him out on a walk most days. Lately there’s been a lot of precipitation, so our walks have been put on hold. Or so I thought…

Krystal (friend and neighbor) asked me if I’d like to run some errands with her and her beautiful little girls. I opened up my front door to see if Krystal was at home yet when Toby decided to make his escape. Like lightning, the little ball of fur shot out the front door of my house. He ran through our bushes and into the neighbor’s yard. Then, he was quickly down the street at Krystal’s house where she was backing her van out of her driveway. Luckily, she saw Toby (and me frantically chasing him), so she stopped her van (all the while laughing at our poor situation).

Toby continued to run through yards, at one point spotting his arch nemesis…the neighborhood tomcat. :::Deep Sigh:::

No matter how many times I called his name and begged him to stop, on he ran. Finally, he spotted Krystal and ran to her.

Whew! Tragedy averted! Praise the Lord there were no other vehicles traveling down our street.

So after several minutes in his cage to think about what he had done, Toby was free again to roam the backyard. I didn’t have to worry about him because he was fenced in and safe.

Wrong again…

After a long trip to Kroger, Jay and I came home and began making hamburgers. I asked Jay to brown the meat for me while I changed. I walked over, let Toby out the back door, and made my way to the bedroom. Suddenly I heard Jay say “Oh my gosh! There’s another dog in the backyard with Toby!”

And standing in the backyard with my small 6 pound dog…is a giant, gray pitbull.

Did your stomach just drop?

Now, pitbulls aren’t really known for their gracious nature; however, this one seemed to be tolerating Toby quite well. Toby of course, (Jay in dog form), just wants to be everyone’s friend. His little tail’s just a-waggin’. We quickly got Toby inside and shut the door. The pitbull just kept whimpering at the door, I’m sure wanting someone of our delicious hamburgers.

Tragedy averted….number two.

After a call to 911 and the longest 40 minute wait ever, Jay heard people outside yelling something out of their car window. He caught up with the guy and lo and behold, it’s his pitbull.

Good ol’ Rico the pitbull (who gets out often)…awesome.

We learned two things through that experience:

1) Not all pitbulls are out to kill.

2) Never depend on the Animal Service people to pick up a stray dog after hours. They don’t pick up animals past 5 p.m. However, the Animal Service man told me, if the dog bites someone, the police will pick it up for you.

So, I asked Jay to volunteer to be bitten next time so someone will come to our house. 🙂 I’m sure the Animal Service people will help pay for the rabies shots…


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