Family Game Night

The classic shake, score & shout dice game!

If you’ve ever played Yahtzee, you know how exciting (and loud) it can be. Each round, you have three rolls, and the object is to roll different combinations of dice. For example, you need to roll combinations like Three of a Kind, Full House, and of course, the Yahtzee (5 of a Kind). The goal is simple: highest score wins.

Some people have a natural luck with dice. Other people are just married to those people. Jay has a special ability to make the dice roll exactly what he wants. It’s awesome if you’re him…frustrating if you’re trying to beat him!

My brother, Kody, and I attempted to beat Jay in Yahtzee. Our last game, Jay rolled a Yahtzee on his first roll. 50 points automatically. ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!

There’s no need to recount who finished in last place most, if not all, of these times. Water under the bridge…

So…what have we learned? Don’t play Jay in Yahtzee…or just don’t expect to win.


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