Now You See Him…

Jay and I have been discussing ways to make Toby’s cage area more appealing. The black wire doesn’t really go with our living room decor, so I searched to find some ways to blend his cage with our furniture.

I found this picture that I really like! We’ve incorporated this green color into the living room through pillows and items on our fireplace mantel. I love the way the cage fits perfectly under the desk!

Plus, we could put pictures of us all on the sides of the desk to add a little bit of personalization.

Also, Toby sleeps best when there is a blanket covering his cage. He’s usually not a problem at night; however, on nights like last night when he’s barking at the back door at 3 a.m., it would come in handy to have that little piece of fabric pictured above the cage.

You just unroll the fabric and presto! It’s like he’s not there. And a dog that’s not there…can’t bark.

How’s that for a philosophical thought for the day?


One thought on “Now You See Him…

  1. Tricia says:

    I don’t think he won’t bark, lol… but i do like the idea of the cage under the desk. It looks like it will be hidden very well.

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