Mug Shot

Toby is one amazing dog. Even though he’s very tiny, he’s got ups. Looking at him, you wouldn’t think he could jump very high.

But give him a ping-pong ball, and then try to take it away, and you will see…

His ability to jump is admittedly stunning but overall forgettable if it only presents itself through ping-pong fetch or chase. However, Toby has learned to use this power for evil.

When Jay and I both leave the house, we crate Toby in the hallway. His crate (with one side open so he can enter and exit the bedding area) blocks off the opening to the living room. We used to let him roam free in a roped-off section of the house. After Jay came home and found one of his paperback books shredded in the living room, Toby’s roaming privileges were restricted.

Now, he waits patiently in the hallway with his crate, bed, food and some sort of toy. This protects the house from his teeth and all of his bodily fluids. Most occasions, we come home to find him sleeping happily in his crate, dreaming about digging, I’m sure.

Not yesterday.

As I walked into the house after lunch, I opened the door to see Toby laying happily…on the couch.

Puzzling, I know, as he was crated nicely when Jay and I left.

As soon as he saw me, he jumped off the couch and came running over. His little prance was a bit faster than normal, and he seemed overly excited to see me. (Who wouldn’t be?) I walked into the living room, and that’s when I noticed it…

the cup of coffee I had left on the living room table (at least a fourth full) was now…


That’s right. My high-energy Yorkie now was hyped up on coffee…and not just any coffee, Jay’s coffee (stronger than most). Awesome…

How could this happen? We crated you! You were penned up in the hallway with no escape! With my deep background in psychological testing and research, I knew the only way to find out was to recreate the situation…and then wait for him react.

I placed Toby in the hallway with his crate and watched. Sure enough, he whimpers a little, backs up, and leaps onto the top of the crate. He pauses at this moment to revel in his victory, and then jumps down into the living room.

This also explains how he jumped onto the living room table.

So, next on the list of items to buy for the house: tall baby gate.

Jump THAT, Toby!


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