Home Decor Project

Mission: To spruce up our entryway

Funds: $50 gift card to Target

Issues: It’s ugly

Our home was built in the 70s. And, like many homes in the Irving area, it still retains some of the…special…ideas people had about decorating during that time. Don’t get me wrong. There are some awesome retro things coming back in style that I absolutely love! However, some ideas (like popcorn ceilings) should be forgotten.

The main issues I have with the entryway are that it’s very small, there’s not a lot of wall space on both sides, it’s not (yet) painted, the lighting is terrible (there’s actually an ominous yellow glow that I edited out in photoshop), and the water heater doors take up a large chunk of decorating space. My dream would be to extend the floor space in some way, but for now, decorating is our only option.

Here’s the right side of the entryway. The single door is a small (very small) coat closet, and the double doors are our hot water heater. Yeah…I know.

So I’m trying to decide what color to paint the entryway, as well as how to use the right side in the decor. I thought about painting the water heater doors a contrast color, removing the coat closet door and converting the closet into a benched, small mudroom.

I’m open to ideas…but for now, I’m going to Target 🙂


One thought on “Home Decor Project

  1. Tricia says:

    I googled this issue and found some cool ideas, but instead of typing them in, I’ll just copy and paste the links for you to check out:




    Hope some of this helps! Good luck! And if you need more than this try googling “small entryway design ideas,” “small entryway decorating problems,” etc.

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