A little green at this…

After $22 worth of goodies at Target and some green paint, we’re on our way to a better-looking entryway! I was a little disappointed with the Irving Target because their selection wasn’t that great. However, I was able to find some small things to dress up our table.

Here are some pics of the progress!

Here’s some of the stuff I bought at Target. I finally got a candle for our chocolate candle holder, and I bought that little vase inside the cube. The other stuff I already had, so it was nice to save some money that way!

There’s my little Willow Tree lady, holding her puppy 🙂 The clothespins in the back are holding a green sign that reads “Welcome to our Home!” I also bought that little vase and stuck a flower in it with some coffee beans.

We were very fortunate to receive a small computer desk from some friends. However, the desk had like 100 pieces and no instructions 😦 So! I pulled out all the pieces that I thought could be used as wall art. Some are tall and thin, and others are pretty square.

There are actually two I made for the wall behind our table, but I’m having some trouble with the other picture.

Krystal, Karoline and Klaire came over to look at the progress. Klaire put on Jay’s hat backwards (she LOVES Jay!) and is talking on my camera card reader. Haha! It was so funny.

I also got these bowls for 99 cents. I filled them with coffee beans for a great color contrast and smell!

So! Now I’m working on the double doors for the water heater. I’ve already painted it white, but I’m waiting for the paint to dry to do the taping. Pictures to come… 🙂

In the mean time, what do you think about the green?


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