Paint, Dry, Repeat…

There has been a lot of paint fumes in our house lately, so please pardon any misspellings on our blog! I started feeling woozy around wall number 3.

I moved on from the entryway to our laundry room. The unpainted walls and unnecessary wall fixtures drove me a little crazy. I asked the muscle (Jay) to come remove the plugs and screws. Some were a little difficult to remove.

Here are some pictures of the process! We used the same green as the entryway to cover the used-to-be-white walls. I also had to use some putty to cover up several of the holes left by screws and expanders.

I painted the cabinets white, and I’m going to put patterned contact paper in the inset of the doors. I also want to make some cute posters and pictures frames to hang on the walls.

Our laundry “room” is really not a room at all, as you can see. It’s more like a laundry nook. However, after the paint and the cute decorations, it will look like an awesome laundry nook. Yay!

Third coat of paint and patterned contact paper are on the docket for tomorrow! I might also go garage-saling in the morning. Coffee + amazing deals = good day!

Wish me luck!


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