Laundry Today…or Naked Tomorrow

That’s the quote I would like to paint onto some art for our laundry room. 🙂 I think it’s sassy…

The laundry room is finally finished. Actually, it was finished Monday, but I spent all day yesterday at a “retreat” day for FBC Irving staff wives. We went out to Cedar Creek Lake and enjoyed some rest, games, snacks, and fellowship. It was awesome!

After a quick trip to Target and a few hours of painting, hammering, and more painting, here’s the updated pics of our room makeover!

After I painted the cabinet surround white, I found some green, paisley contact paper at Target for the cabinet inset.

It was a little frustrating trying to get the paper to fit correctly in the inset because the paper was much wider. I found the best way to cut and place the paper was to roughly measure the distance across the inset. Then, I cut out the paper to fit that width. I pressed the paper in the inset and used my exacto knife to trim it to the correct width. I did the same thing with the bottom of the inset.

For the top, I decided to use a piece of scrap paper as my template. I cut it (roughly) and pressed it into the arch at the top. I used my exacto knife again to make it precise. Then, I traced it onto the original paper and pressed it into place. Luckily, I could know use the one inset paper to trace for the other cabinet doors. I still had to do some trimming with the knife because God didn’t give me the gift of precise cutting. 🙂 My scissors tend to wander!

This was the final result of the doors! Forgive the terrible lighting…that’s next on the list of “things to go.” It totally mutes the green color on the walls, but I promise…it looks better in person.

With a few decorative items we had lying around, here’s our new laundry room, complete with a before and after shot. Our room isn’t large enough to take a wide shot of both sides, so I just took one. 🙂



I put up a little clipboard with a “to do” list, as well as a shelf (from our guest room). I like the colors in the Woolite bottle (don’t judge me) and the Tide To Go pen. So, they’re displayed. Also, the “n” coaster on the right is a leftover coaster from our DIY Christmas last year. It uses the word “nurture,” which I liked for this area.

Well, considering we spent $5 (contact paper) for this whole project, I’m pretty happy with the results. I know the lighting will totally make the room pop, but for now, we will settle with the old light.

One day though…one day…

We have a middle school event at our house this coming Monday night for the basketball game. Jay and I discussed some projects we would like done before then, so that’s on my to-do list for today and Friday!

Also, it’s lawn grooming season, and I don’t know squat about lawns. I did a little research but came up pretty empty handed. Let me know your tips and tricks for keeping a lawn/backyard looking awesome!


2 thoughts on “Laundry Today…or Naked Tomorrow

  1. I just wanted to say how adorable this idea is, especially the saying! Ya’lls house is so cute – I’m loving your style!

    – Amanda (a childhood friend of Jay’s)

    PS What color is the wall behind your dog desk?

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