Drip Drip Drop

The Easter weekend always brings such great fellowship. Today, we went to a Good Friday service at our church. Tomorrow, Kafuman. Sunday, Easter Sunday Service at Irving, and then we head to Kiowa. Food, family, and friends. Mmmmm….insert warm fuzzy feeling here.

My sister Kassidy came to visit us Thursday. She and I got to spend some time with her Cricut (die cutting machine, not pet). The thing’s amazing…and with more time we would’ve been able to make some pretty awesome art for my house! But, first things first, finishing up the final touch to the entryway area.

Introducing…the wreath!

My sister-in-law Jana found the tutorial for this wreath here, and completed the project before sending it along to me! I love love love it in our entryway! It’s made out of some rolled up book pages. Here are some pictures of the process.

I chose to use this wreath instead of the foam one suggested in the tutorial. 1) because it was smaller than the foam ones available at Dollar Tree, and 2) because I wanted a natural looking color underneath the book pages, in case there were some holes between pages. It was a little more difficult but worth it in the end (I think).

It was looking a little rough, but Kassidy and I pressed on!

She’s a lion. 🙂 (And you also can see how involved Jay was in the wreath-making process!)

Every good project needs a cookie break!

Also, to make this wreath our own, we added a little touch. We burned the pages with a lighter on the edge, just to amplify the tattered look we were going for. Any project that involves fire is a friend of mine.

So fun! I totally recommend the project. My friend Krystal asked me to make her two with children’s book pages. Mmmm…excited about that!

Anyone completed any good projects lately?


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