Laying Down the Lawn

It’s that time of year. People are outside watering their lawns, trimming trees, planting flowers…

and Jay and I are inside…looking on with wonder.

How do you do any of that??

We know enough to mow the lawn. Luckily, the Lord blessed me with a husband who is very willing to mow our lawn. Yesterday, before the middle school event, he spent several hours outside pulling weeds, mowing, and raking up leaves to make our home look lovely. 🙂 He’s my favorite.

Other than mowing, however, Jay and I are a little green (get it?? green??). Toby seems to be a step ahead of us with his awesome digging power. Save these things, our home’s in need of a little DIYWSH action. (Do It Yourself With Someone’s Help).

Enter: you guys.

We need your advice! And yes, we contemplated buying goats thanks to the smarty pantses on Facebook. Your advice is noted.

Live animals aside, we need help with these items:

  • getting grass to grow in certain areas (and if it won’t grow, what to do with those spaces)
  • planting flowers (I once killed a cactus, so these flowers need to be fighters)
  • handling weeds (weeding products need to be dog/kid friendly)
  • patio ideas (furniture, layout, etc)

That’s it (not too much, right?). Okay, it’s a fair amount, but we’re completely new at this whole home thing! To be fair, we’re new at the whole home and marriage thing!

Here are some pictures to spark your creative mind:

This is the front of our house directly to the right of the above picture. And there’s me in the reflection! Nice…This area probably needs the least help (at least, we think). The tree will bloom soon and be beautiful. The shrubs and stuff just need to be maintained, which I think we can do.

See the little wooden gate on the right side? That’s where Rico got in. You can read more about our friend, Rico the Pit Bull, here. After that event, we saw the need for a larger fence there.

When you walk out the back door and look left, this is what you see. Beautiful, I know. We have a great covered porch that I really like. Some porches have are made out of metals, but I like the wooden look. I’d love to stain the concrete and make it pretty, but the lack of money and skill keeps me from it for now.

Here’s a great shot of the lower level of our backyard. There’s the full shot of the porch, and the area around the porch is where our grass just won’t grow! The previous owners said the same thing. This area faces west, and between the trees, porch roof, and backyard fence, this area sees very little sun. We’ve thought about a pretty brick/stone walkway. What do you think?

This is the upper level of our backyard. Bare and somewhat green, this is the area we’d love to be beautifully plush.

Here’s our wonderful storage building. So far, it’s home to our bikes (thanks Kay and Phil) and our lawn mower (thanks Mom and Dad). It’s a great space.

Well that’s pretty much it. I’m sure the yard just needs some TLC.

Take into consideration our slightly (?!) tight budget, and let the ideas flow!


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