Sew Awesome

While I was at home over Easter, I found this great table in my parents’ attic. So I rescued it from the sweltering heat of the attic and brought it home to transform it into my new sewing table.

Someone had begun the process of sanding, but stopped about a quarter of the way through. I can’t say I blame them. I hate sanding…with a passion. I don’t even like to have my nails done because of that little rough board they use to sand them down. Yuck…it gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Moving on.

Sew (ha!) I decided to continue sanding the table and then paint it. It’s a great height for sewing, and since our office/sewing room is a little small, the length of the table is great as well. My sister-in-law Jana gave me some doilies to use for a canvas tote (which I have yet to do). But, I thought the doily imprint would look great on the table.

Sewing Table

Also, thanks to my sister’s Cricut machine, I used an ‘M’ stencil she made me. Fabulous!

The only thing left for this table (for now) is to add a little circular rod on the left side to hold all of my ribbons. Hopefully that will be completed this week!

Now, it’s off to get ready for lunch with a friend from church. Hope you enjoy your beautiful Texas weather today!


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