Chi Chi Chicago

Last year around this time, Jay and I were on our honeymoon in Chicago. Ah, the windy city. Although, I attest that Dallas is windier, and I have some awkward moments with the wind, a very flouncy skirt, and boyfriend-Jay to prove it.

We chose Chicago because neither of us had been there, and we didn’t want to go to a beach. I like the beach (Jay’s never been), but sunburn didn’t sound as appealing as the beautiful urban feel we found in Chicago.

We planned our itinerary before we left Dallas but left a little wiggle room in case we changed our mind about something. It was a little chilly when we arrived (and rainy) but we were so excited to be there! I’ve always loved the downtown city feel. In fact, I’ve always wanted to live in or near a big city area. (Growing up in the central Texas’ sticks may have fostered that desire).

Since it was raining when we arrived, the city looked a little dark and dreary. But when the sun came out the next day, I saw the most beautiful tulips while walking down some of the streets near our hotel. Bright pink, these tulips would shrink back when the rain and cold came and then blossom as soon as the sun peeked out from the clouds. I loved it.


One of Jay’s cousins lived in Chicago, and she mentioned some “must-visit” places. Gino’s Pizza was one of them. Home of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizzas. We were told the food is worth the wait, which is probably best because if I had waited an hour for bad food, I would’ve been upset. The pizzas did come out ridiculously huge! I think I may have eaten…like a fourth of mine! I’m a thin crust person myself, but Jay loved the deep dish!

Gino's East Pizza

Lincoln Park Zoo

We also visited the Lincoln Park Zoo (Return to Me, anyone??) What could be better than Starbucks, beautiful weather, and a free (that’s right, free!) zoo right next to Lake Michigan!? Some sweet lady took our picture for us (once you tell people you’re on your honeymoon, they’ll pretty much help with anything!).

Ah, the memories. The weekend we came back, Jay had an interview with John Durham, the pastor of FBC Irving. And now, we’re here. 🙂 A lot has happened in just a year.

(insert nostalgic sigh here)

Okay, time to return my attention to the end of the Mavs game with Jay. I’ve not been paying much attention.

My bad…


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