The Random Post

SquirrelDo you ever feel like being random? Strange? Off?

Sometimes I purposely sing off key, loudly. Usually it’s in the car with Jay. Lucky him.

Sometimes, you want to write, and maybe you even have the opportunity to do so. But for some reason you can’t find words to make coherent conversation. (image from

And this is the reason for my post today.

Here are 10 random things you may not know about me:

  • I’m terrified of sharks, so when I go to the beach, I won’t get more than knee deep in the water. But I love to watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
  • In Junior High, I felt the Lord telling me I would end up marrying a youth minister.
  • I competed at the state level in high school CX Debate and received 2nd place. That might be why Jay doesn’t like to argue with me.
  • My favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Creme Egg.
  • One of my favorite childhood movies was The Labyrinth. Yes, the one with David Bowie. Don’t judge me.
  • I was supposed to be named Kristen Terra, but at the last minute, my name was changed to Audra Nicole. Good thing, too. I don’t look like a Kristen Terra.
  • I’ve wanted to name a dog Toby ever since I saw the movie, The Great Mouse Detective.
  • I love old, skeleton-like keys.
  • In college, I changed my major three times: Math, to Social Work, to Communication, and eventually to a double major in Communication and Psychology.
  • For awhile, I seriously considered law school. I bought study guides for the LSAT and even toured UT’s Law School as well as Baylor’s. I never had a peace about the whole thing, so I let it go.

So there you go. Some interesting (or not so interesting) facts about me. 🙂 Just felt a little random today.

You’re welcome.


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