long lost blogger

So life has been a little crazy these past couple of weeks. I did start my new job in May, and I’m enjoying my time there. However, it’s been a little more difficult for me to keep up with my blog. Not an excuse, but a reason.

Nonetheless, here I am!

Jay and I have been running (metaphorically, not physically) a lot lately. We had middle school mission trip a couple of weeks ago, which took a great amount of energy out of both of us. Houston was awesome, and the students seemed to really learn about mission work. We were able to work with a street church in downtown Houston where many homeless people attend church. It was such a humbling experience to watch them lift their hands to the Lord during praise and worship music, not knowing where they would sleep at night.

Then it was back to the daily grind here at the house. We came back from Houston with really, really smelly clothes (humidity+heat+sweat=eww). So, laundry was the first thing to do. Then, it was cleaning up where we had left off before the trip.


But, one good day of hard work around the house and bam! All done. 🙂

I’ve moved on to focusing my attention on our master bath. I will be posting some pictures soon of the makeover. Don’t get too excited, but the post may or may not involve 70s wallpaper and its removal, me in a safety mask, the Downy bear, red paint,… and Toby…just because.

I need to make lunch for the hubby. I’m thinking salad, boiled eggs, and a bagel.

…mmmm….be jealous.


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