Shed a Little Light

Jay and I have been waiting to replace the yellow lighting in our house for awhile now. I know a lot of the light bulbs say that “soft white” (which apparently casts a yellow type glow) is great for living areas because it’s a warm color.

But Jay and I just think it makes everything look…yellow.

So we installed “bright white” lights, which give everything a little bit more of a cool coloring. We love it! It feels like it really brightens up the area. Plus, it doesn’t make our khaki-green color look pea green, which is nice. 🙂

We also spent some time this weekend painting the hallway and its doors. We really, really hated the hollow, no-color-or-design doors we have in there. So, after seeing an idea like this on a diy website, Jay and I got to work with our doors.

Jay, the Master Taper, is in charge of all taping projects in the house because of his precise nature. I, the Painting Queen, paint any and everything that needs a little zap of color. This seems to work well for us.

We’re both really excited with the outcome!

1) So much cheaper! We went to Home Depot to see what the cost of a paneled door would be, and it was $50-100!

2) It was fun spending this time together. Jay and I love making our house look better.

Pretty soon, we’ll be spray painting the door knobs (have you seen the prices for new ones?!?) to make them all the same color. Loving that idea…

Also, just to make the room a little sweeter, we also covered the light switch covers with a really pretty wrapping paper I bought for $3.

I love the paper because it has these cute little birds and bird cages. I love the purple color, and the birds remind me of my grandmother. She always loved birds…

Well that concludes today’s session of “How Jay and I Spent Our Time.” We did get to play an awesome game of ultimate frisbee at the church. It was frisbee domination!!

Off to sleep. Have a good Sunday night!


2 thoughts on “Shed a Little Light

  1. Nicole,

    Your house is so cute!! I love the “paint your own panel door” idea!! May I ask you which website you got that idea from? We bought a fixer-upper and are trying to do budget-friendly things to make it better!

    Anyways, your blog is so cute! I’m glad to see you’re doing so well 🙂


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