Ooo La La!

There are some items that, when a girl wears them, she feels so pretty. The most famous item? The wedding dress. I often tell Jay I would wear my wedding dress every single day if people wouldn’t think I was crazy. Even with that threat, it’s almost worth it.

I think a veil is another thing that just makes a woman feel like this beautiful, sexy, mysterious, being of goodness. For my wedding, I bought a wedge veil from here. I loved the designs from Emma’s Bridal Boutique, and the price was good too! Instead of using their pretty flowers or feather headpieces, I decided to use a brooch my mom found in an antique store. In fact, I wore it today just for fun. 🙂

Where is this going? I’m glad you asked.

I was feeling crafty today (on my day off), in need of making something dainty and pretty. I decided to make one of these makes-a-girl-feel-like-a-natural-woman items, and so…introducing my very first garter!

Isn’t she pretty? (Of course it’s a she! You don’t let a random ‘he’ travel where this baby travels!)

It’s a totally basic design, which is what I wanted. I’ve been itching to make one for a long time, so I wanted to see if I enjoyed the effort that goes into it! And, I do. 🙂

I found this pretty lace at Hobby Lobby (50% off!!!).

I know there’s a lot more that could be done with a garter, but with Toby nipping at my heels all night, wanting to go outside and chase a killer frog (different story), this was all I could muster tonight.

However, I’m super excited about the possibility of making more complex designs in the future. I found some sweet designs today while browsing the web.

Check out these precious garters I found on Etsy! Browse around if you’ve never been to the site. It’s totally amazing.

For a tutorial on how to make this one, comment or Facebook me! It’s super easy!

I hope you enjoyed my newest creation.

Have any of you ever made a garter? What embellishment did you choose. Lemme know!


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