No Strings Attached

Except for the hot glue.

Today was a little bit of a blagh-day. Jay didn’t feel well, so he slept a lot of the day. I sat on the couch and watched t.v. for awhile, walked the dogs, played with the dogs, thought about bathing the dogs…but decided not to when I remembered how that went last week. I wound up with one pants leg completely soaked in suds and water, scratches on my arms, and dog shampoo in my hair. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

After all that contemplating, I felt crafty. So, after a few tutorials on the web and a brief trip to Hobby Lobby, I decided to make this hair fascinator!

It’s cute, right!? It was so super easy, and I really liked how it turned out. And for $5, who could argue!

I love the center pendant and the pretty ivory pearl-like flowers. It was a fun little project!

Ok, that’s three posts in one day. I’m trying to make up for lost time.

Those of you that are either married or have already planned your wedding in your head: For your veil, fascinators or no fascinator?


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