yes we did…

This year’s Halloween costumes were centered around one goal: free.

Because I feel like it’s ridiculous to spend $35 on a Halloween costume, Jay and I threw around some ideas for free costumes. I am proud to say that I came up with this idea. What are we? Well, (as if it’s not obvious), we’re the Two Blind Mice Who’ve Lost Their Friend. You know…’cause we’re blind.

I was worried that people wouldn’t get it, but we had some “smarter than you’re average bear” types at our church’s Halloween alternative.

As far as difficulty, it was relatively easy to make these costumes. (I know you’re surprised by the apparent level of difficulty!) Jay made the ears (woot!), and I was in charge of the shirts. I’ve always had the ability to “visually trace” an cartoon image. I can look at something and redraw it (relatively well) on paper. So, I found this cute little blind mouse online, redrew it on paper, went over that with a sharpie, and the put the paper under the t-shirts…and ta-dah!

Our mice friend was super cute, and I’m happy to report that people really loved the costume idea….as did our checkbook.

As for an update on life (yes, I know it’s been awhile), things are moving on as predictably as they started with Jay and I. We’ve yet to experience a long period of stability–a time when we’re not getting new jobs, moving, etc. Once we get our budget established, BAM!, one of use gets a new job (for which we’re thankful!) or something similar.

A few months ago, Jay moved into the full-time position as Student Pastor at First Irving. It’s been really great to add High School students into Jay’s job description. We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know them!

Now, it’s my turn to rock our little somewhat stable boat. No, I’m not pregnant, for those of you “hopefuls” reading.

But I am moving into the full-time position of Financial Assistant/Admin Assistant at our church. Though it’s not my “dream job,” God is providing for our little family with this job. As I’ve seen throughout my life, the Lord is faithful to provide.

Our recent Women’s Conference (at which, I was privileged to speak!) we learned about God’s faithfulness throughout the different generations. Even though it’s difficult for me, as I tend to run ahead of God’s plan for me, I am choosing to wait for Him to provide me with my dream job. And I know that either He will, or He will change my dream.

Either way, He promises to “cause all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28) Praise Him, that we’re able to stand on that promise.

Since I’ve not felt well today, I’ve done a lot of sitting and watching movies. Now, I plan to curl up with my recent issue of Real Simple magazine and look at some creative holiday decor ideas.

Thanksgiving is in the air….can you feel it?


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