The Mission

On a cold, dark Friday morning, four women set out on a dangerous, albeit financially productive, journey.

With coffee in hand and one goal in mind, they departed on their mission. Through miles and miles of treacherous terrain, they persevered until they reached their destination…

The Parks Mall at Arlington.

Yes, these women were traveling to a very dangerous spot on this particular day. Riddled with people who can neither drive nor park their vehicles, crazy soccer moms who must have the best Pillow Pet, and countless pedestrians who walk out in front of vehicles because they believe they are covered in magical protective forcefields as soon as they step onto the cool parking lot pavement, the land was volatile.

However, these women set out to get THE best deals on THE best presents…and they would complete this mission…in record time and with record savings.

Brave? Maybe. Stupid? Certainly.

Black Friday came and went, but the Harper/Musser/Miller family received their reward. Jackets.Games. Organizational rickrack.

We came….

We saw…

and we kicked Black Friday’s tail.


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