Beginning to look a lot like…

Get ready for the Christmas season!

Wreaths, Christmas ornaments, stockings, presents, caroling, and so much more! Please forgive my infomercial type introduction. I’m just so excited!

Jay and I spent some time decorating our yard with Christmas lights. It’s not the best (yet), but soon our house will be barely visible through the incandescent glow of Christmas goodness. Okay, to be honest, we can only afford a couple strands of lights. So, even though you won’t see a giant Santa-in-a-bubble-like-lawn statue, you will feel the holiday spirit when cruising past our casa. Be blessed…

We decided to work on the lights tonight because there’s no other time! It seems like we’re booked every evening. If it’s not a Christmas party (oh my goodness, there are tons) or a student event, we’re either out of town or unconscious.

Even though it’s not yet December, I’m already thinking about my New Year’s Resolution. Last year’s went so well (yikes) that I’m trying to spend a little more prep time before committing to a year long…commitment.

Any suggestions are wonderfully appreciated! (kind ones, that is)

Do any of you have an awesome idea for a resolution that you’d like to share??


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