Who Am I?

For those that knew me before Jay and I were married, you know that, while I enjoy playing several sports, I’ve never really enjoyed watching them on t.v. However, with marriage comes sacrifice, and with sacrifice comes a wealth of knowledge about professional sports that I could (honestly) do without.

And while my plethora of new knowledge about the Rangers’ recent World Series run or the Cowboys’ 2010 season thrills Jay, I feel like it’s beginning to take over my life!

I find myself continuing to watch a game on t.v. long after Jay has left the house. I’m able to have conversations with men in the office about recent sports events or issues. And (gasp), recently I found myself intentionally turning my car’s tuning dial to ESPN radio in order to hear about the Cam Newton scandal.

Can I help that I find the legal issues surrounding Newton’s recent media-worthy scandal somewhat interesting?

Now, for Jay’s friends reading our blog, don’t get your hopes up. I’m not yet calling into radio stations to give my two cents about issues they’re discussing. I didn’t (willingly) sign up for deals from MLB.com. I’m not DVRing Cowboy games and watching them in the middle of the night like some creeper.

I’m simply just being supportive of my loving husband.

…and maybe, possibly, enjoying some of it.





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