New Year, New Goals


While I’ll be ringing in 2011 with Jay and some First Irving students at a rockin’ you-should-be-there-because-it’s-going-to-be-awesome-party, my mind will be past the celebrations, looking on to what the New Year holds for me.

I have always enjoyed setting goals. Academically, I set high goals for myself and was able to complete those goals through high school and college. Even in daydreams about grad school, I envision lofty standards and prestigious degrees.

However, my goals usually dissipate once they wander past the educational realm. For some reason, I have hardly any discipline when it comes to other goals. Want proof? Check out last year’s resolution here!  Except that you can’t…because in a fit of frustration and anger at myself for not completing it, I deleted the blog. Sad day…

Trust me. You didn’t miss much.

So, in thinking about what 2011 could bring for me, I’m looking to create a resolution that is both attainable and productive. I want it to have several facets–to touch the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels in my life.

Currently, I’m considering a Proverbs 31 type resolution (unsure about what I’m talking about? click here). Verses 10-31 of chapter 31 describe a “wife of noble character.” Unfortunately, this chapter has become a dreaded section of the Bible for many Christian women. The attributes described in the chapter can be very overwhelming! For me, I cringe when I read she “gets up while it is still night.” (I like to think that morning begins at 10.)

The Proverbs 31 woman is a great picture of what a Christian wife is supposed to look like, and I can tell you honestly I am nowhere NEAR her excellence. Nonetheless, I want to be.

So, this is the direction I’m heading for 2011! Jay and I are going to talk it over today, and hopefully, I’ll have a more concrete description before the party tonight.

What’s your 2011 Resolution?




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