Snow you didn’t!

Ok, I stole that tag from my cousin Scott’s facebook status because I thought it was super clever!

It’s another snow day here in the Dallas area. After missing four days of work last week, we are again snowed in iced in. Jay and I spent most of the days lounging in our pajama pants and sitting by the fire. Toby and Chicago nestled up together in Toby’s kennel and took a nap. Ah, cold weather bliss.

Also, long periods indoors give me a little more energy to cook something fabulous versus the same ole teriyaki chicken and stir-fry vegetables. So, tonight I made my mom’s chicken and rice with a little twist–mustard on top of the chicken. My mom said she uses honey mustard, but I thought it would be great to use regular mustard. I’m not really a fan of it on sandwiches (can you say tart?), but Jay and I really like it on chicken.

In addition to the chicken and rice, I made Hummus! My sister-in-law Jana made it a year ago at a family get together, and I loved it. Jay and I also had it somewhere recently but neither of us can remember where.

I don’t have a food processor, so I looked up ways to ground the garbanzo beans (other than a blender, in case that wouldn’t work). One recipe told me to use the bottom of a mason jar. And, since my roommate Glori had just given us some delish pour-and-make cookies in a mason jar (which were AWESOME, by the way), I happen to have one handy!

So here it is!

What? You also love love love our new DwellStudio tablecloth? Oh yes, so do we! You can find them at Target. Ours was on clearance for around $4. Can’t beat that!

Now I’m off to blog stalk one of my FAVORITE (requires all caps) blogs-that-became-businesses, You’ve not heard of it?? Well, today be blessed.


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