Feelin Fancy?


I had a craving for Whataburger tonight. Blame me? Greasy chicken and thick gravy with some butter-laden Texas toast…yes please.

Tomorrow a friend and I are going garage sale-ing! (Yes, it’s a word now.) I’m looking for some tons of little touchups for our little home. Here’s a brief list of some of the things I’d like to find tomorrow:

* little bench for some reupholstery projects

* jars/vases for all around decor

* a vintage birdcage (because they remind me of my grandma)

* some storage items (or items that can be made storage items!)

* a table for a kitchen island idea I’ve had for awhile now (yikes)

Sigh…garage sales make me happy.

Moving on.

Here are some of the b-e-a-utiful things I found online today. I’ve got some DIY redo ideas for our casa and my determination to get things rolling + Google’s plethora of knowledge has kicked things off! Let’s start with this awesome DIY kitchen island from The Design File (originally from BHG):

I’m sure you’ve seen this pic before on a random Google images search, and who could blame them? It’s great! I love the bright colors and the stencil! Plus, the chair is so cute. Additionally, I’m super jealous of those of you with kitchen windows!

I’m really leaning more towards something like this, though from The DIY Spot:

I guess this is more of a cross between a kitchen cart and an island. I’d like ours to be a little larger than this one (I use a small large somewhat ridiculous amount of dishes when I cook!). I can’t decide on wheels. What do you guys think?

For the bench/large ottoman, I was thinking something like this pink one from of Young House Love’s House Crashing Extravaganzas (scroll down a few pics). Although Jay will pretty quickly veto a pink ottoman, so I’m sure it will need to be a different color!

I’m getting carried away again. Surprised?



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