Say Cheese

With an open Saturday afternoon before me, I decided to do my quick Cheese Plate project. So, while Jay looked after the pups (meaning, “made sure they didn’t dig a hole into our neighbor’s backyard…again…”), I sat our kitchen table and did a little dance…er…project.

I wanted to add a piece of fun scrapbook paper to the top of the plate. Since my plate was completely flat on top, there was no way to easily trace the size of the inner circle.

So, I placed the scrapbook paper face down on top of the inner plate, and used my finger nail to gently (or not so gently at times, yikes!) bend the paper around the curve of the circle. My new rotating cutting mat that my mom bought me for Christmas came in really handy for spinning the plate! It’s also self-healing (oooooh, ahhhhh).

It wasn’t totally accurate, but after I cut it out and made a few adjustments, it fit pretty nicely on top of the inner plate.

All that was left was a little Modge Podge underneath the paper and a book on top to set it (it may be called Cooking Light but the book is super heavy!)

and some Modge Podge on top to seal it (it’s non-toxic, so you can put food on it safely)…

and the project is finished!

It’s nice, right? I wanted to go with a brighter pattern, but for now, since the color of our kitchen walls may change soon, (Jay may not know that yet.) I decided to go with a complementary color. I like it!

And now Jay has challenged me to a game of Ping-Pong. I’m off to defend my title as reigning champion.


2 thoughts on “Say Cheese

  1. Tricia says:

    Awesome. I saw this idea either on Idea Room or Young House Love, so I’m guessing you got the idea from one of them as well. 🙂 I saw in a previous blog that you follow Young House Love too!

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