Breakfast at Tiffany’s

er, Joe’s–our favorite little coffee shop. Though the breakfast population consists of people double our age, Jay and I enjoy Joe’s for its local, small-town (and small-business) feel that represents a little bit of our city. Plus, the food is easy on the wallet.

For this year’s Valentine’s presents, Jay and I really wanted to buy or make creative gifts–not just your traditional hearts, candies and flowers (although I do love chocolate covered cherries and white peonies!). I suggested a Vintage Valentine’s theme, and Jay accepted. So, today, over breakfast, we played a little guessing game about what each of us purchased for one another. We couldn’t exchange them (because of extenuating circumstances causing both of us to order presents via online a little later than expected, drat!). But playing the game was fun, too. And now we get to wait for them in the mail! Yay for expecting presents via snail-mail! That’s vintage enough as it is!

But to show off our mad gift-buying-skills, I want to share pictures of what we got each other for Valentine’s Day!

For Jay, I went with a sports theme. Go figure. For those of you who know my husband, you know he’s an all-sports-all-the-time kinda man. We gear up (get it?!?) for baseball season in mid-February. Generally, our favorite team (Texas Rangers, wooot!) falls behind in the race to the pennant, so to soothe our woes, we switch to football in the fall. Football carries us into basketball season and (wait for it) baseball season, again!

For a girl who only likes to play sports and not watch them, it’s been a rough adjustment.

Win or lose, Jay is a die-hard Rangers’ fan. However, during last year’s trip to the World Series, I saw Jay more excited than he’s ever been to support the team! So, a vintage Texas Rangers t-shirt from FanHouse seemed appropriate for his present.


And guess what my wonderful hubbie got for me? (I may have hinted…a..bit…)

Mortar and Pestle! YES! That’s right, I used all caps. That’s how excited I am about my gift. I’ve been wanting one of these babies. I mentioned it to Jay, and BAM! He purchased this from SeptembersChild on Etsy–that’s right, my man knows how much I like Etsy.

I love the vintage look! It’s going to look awesome in my kitchen when it arrives.

Ah, Valentine’s bliss….


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