I like to move it move it

Earlier this week, while watching an animated classic (yes, Rockadoodle), I felt little sensations in my ever-growing tummy. After a few minutes, I realized Corbin was moving! It was really strange and surreal to think there’s actually a tiny human inside there, but the movements definitely made him feel more present.

Sigh. Things are becoming super fun around here.

Like this little pj bit of goodness…

My mother-in-law bought this for Corbin, which is awesome because we’re doing his bedding in animals, and we have several monkey things. My parents bought us a nifty swing (pictures coming soon hopefully). Jay picked up our mattress and the crib should be arriving shortly. Mmmmmm….now to get the room ready.

I’m having trouble finding nursery ideas that I like because a lot of them are super decorated. I really like the clean, didn’t-empty-my-wallet-for-decor nurseries. I was hoping to put some photos I like here, but I really can’t find any! This may become a problem.

In non-baby news, my sister is living with us for the summer! She’s home from college for a couple months, so she’s hanging out here at Casa de los Millers. She’ll be a great help with nursery stuff as well as helping the dogs stay entertained. Fun Aunt Kassi…

Speaking of dogs…I need to let them outside.

Happy June everyone!


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