Couch Potato

Jay and I have been wanting a new couch for our living room for awhile now. Not that we didn’t love love love the Italian leather one my parents allowed us to use (so gracious), but it had a certain western vibe we weren’t feelin’. Although, leather is super easy to clean, so it was difficult to think about getting something different.

Nevertheless, we were brave. We ventured out to find a great couch (and deal!). Since we have students over from the youth group often, (or, since every time two or more people come over we’re instantly out of seating) we wanted something that offered a few more seating options. A sectional perhaps?

Perhaps indeed.

Meet our new friend couch. Herbert.


Ok, his name isn’t actually Herbert (I haven’t cleared that with Jay, yet). But he kind of looks like a Herbert.

Sigh. He’s such a good man. Easy to clean. Soft. Strong. I’ll stop there.

Plus, the entire couch (and ottoman, left) has storage! Currently, there’s nothing there. But, once Corbin’s around, the stuff we have in our house is sure to multiply. It’s a fact.

We picked up the sectional from Home Reserve, a website I found from blog stalking the Young House Love peoples. We really enjoyed working with Home Reserve, and all the reviews seemed great. It was the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever put together! And by we, I mean Jay. Pregnant Nicole doesn’t get to do anything fun…

The sectional without shipping and tax was around $530! A steal, we think.

So that’s Herbert, er Unnamed Man Couch. He’s pretty.

Also new: Corbin’s crib!

baby crib

Through tons of sweat and hard work, Jay and I put together Corbin’s beautiful crib. B-e-a-utiful. It’s a Graco Lauren Crib from Babies R Us. It’s convertible so we can eventually use it for more than just a crib. Plus, it’s durable without being SUPER expensive. We like.

Random facts about life now:

Fact 1: My baby bump is growing! I’m currently at 21 weeks, although this pic was taken at 19.

Tons of people said it didn’t count as a bump because I wasn’t very big. To them, I stick out my tongue. :::tongue sticking out::: Corbin’s doing the very best he can! (And the amount of food I’m eating can’t be hurting!)

Fact 2: My sister is living with us for the summer, allowing some much needed girl time. Jay is surviving.

Fact 3: I am, in part, happy the NBA playoffs are over so I don’t have to hear about the Mavs. Not hating, just sayin’ I’m ready for something new!

Fact 4: Tights as pants are offensive.

That’s all! Ready for some R&R with the pups on Herbert. Wooosa…


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