Herbert’s New Look

Jay and I were shopping fiends today. We hit up (not in an “illegal” sort of way) Home Goods and Target. That’s what they get for bunking in the same strip mall.

Before baby Corbin makes his appearance in October, Jay and I want to update certain areas of our house. Come fall, all the cash flow (or trickle, as it were) will be flowing in little Corbin’s direction. For now, it’s update-the-living-room time.

I introduced you to Herbert already here. He’s a happy addition to our cozy little living area. But today, Herbert got a makeover.

OH YEAH! (said like the Kool-Aid man) We love this rug from Target!

Plus, we scored these pillows for $10 a piece. Herb’s looking good.

Since the couch is so soft and cuddly, the pups enjoy laying on it, too. Who could blame them? However, we’re trying to persuade them to find another place to lay. So we bought this dog pillow from Home Goods.

Not my absolute favorite pillow, but the green’s match our new rug and the dogs do like it. Although, I couldn’t snap a pic of them laying on it…yet.

Other updates…

Yes those are my pasty feet. But hey, I’m 5 months pregnant and I can still see them! Glass. Half. Full.

This squishy rectangle of goodness is indeed a bath mat. But that’s neither here nor there…it’s squishy and I like it.

This is the new shower curtain for the guest room bathroom. It’s a gray color with white flowers.

We’re planning to paint the guest room bathroom gray and accent it with magenta and white. Here are the towels we bought to kick off the bright!

It’s not ready, but it’s progress.

We also bought black curtains for the guest room (to compliment the yellow, black, and gray comforter here), but they were too short for our extra long window. With receipt in hand, I will be back for longer curtains.

Time. To. Sleep. I think it was a productive Saturday!


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