Sleepy Saturday

We finally got the chance to sleep in this morning! Ah, nothing like waking up to a blinking alarm clock that reads “10:15 a.m.” Glorious.

But now that we’re conscious, I’m trying to decide what to do today. I thought about going shopping for some home-related items. Jay and I stumbled upon $250 loose cash while cleaning out the office/nursery! Bazinga! (Big Bang Theory, anyone?)

We need some end tables for the nursery, so I can finally redo the lamps I found while garage sale-ing here. We weren’t sure what colors to do the nursery in, but after a three hour journey in Babies R Us, it appears we’re doing Corbin’s crib/accessories in monkeys. Who knew?

We also need a rug for the living room. I’d like something bright since most of our stuff is neutral. We are in desperate need of color!

Then there’s the hallway, our bedroom, the guest room. Sigh. So many things…so little money.

We’ll see what today brings.


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