Vegetative Fail

Last year’s Youpon isn’t doing so hot.

Poor thing. In our defense, we have been watering it! We stopped doing the soaker hose because Jay was able to get the sprinklers working. But with the intense Texas heat (triple digits!), our little Youpon is still dying. Sadness. This shows our complete lack of vegetative knowledge.

Today Jay found and repositioned the soaker hose around our little bushes, so we’ll see what the next few weeks bring!

Since the husband has been on mission trip all week, we’re going to spend time playing a game together tonight! We’re thinking Yahtzee or Stratego….He always wins at Yahtzee (game of luck); I always win at Stratego (game of intense strategy and awesome battle skills). I’m just sayin’.

Do you and your husband play board games? What’s your fav?


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