Yesterday, after I determined I only had nine weeks of work left (and income!), I decided to start up a few things to generate some moolah. One of the ideas I had was to begin my Etsy store.

Like so many others (I hope!), I started an Etsy store awhile ago but really didn’t post much on it (lazy). Today though, I totally rocked Etsy! I uploaded a Vintage Paper Wreath I made a few months ago (here) to my site and am super excited about it! I already had one person list it as a Favorite Item…and that makes me stupidly giddy!

So, in an effort to give it my all-or-none-type attention, I started on another wreath. This one’s a little different though.

Instead of using book pages, I thought a magazine might work well. I have tons of Real Simple magazines that I absolutely loved reading but now didn’t have a use for. I saved the pages that inspired me (great recipes, design, DIY tips) and began tearing out colorful pages throughout the magazine. I ran across one of their sections about halfway through, which I thought was ironic.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…er, editor’s pen…?

I didn’t feel so bad tearing out those pages because the magazine endorsed repurposing! It was practically asking for new life…

As soon as I started, I realized I didn’t really like rolling the paper the same way I did with the book page wreath. So, I tried something different.

I folded the paper almost like a regular flower, where it gathers in the center. Then, I hot glued it there and pinned it with a clothespin after many, many near-burns.

This kept the “flower” design intact without running up my medical bills.

Then, I began placing the magazine flowers around the wreath, and this is what I have so far!

Right now, it kind of looks like a bad hat.

But rest assured! At the end, it will be amazing. šŸ™‚

Time for some more glue and then sleep. Corbin’s made it a little difficult to get a good night’s rest lately. Hoping for restful sleep tonight!

*Is anyone else impressed with the New Uses for Old Things section above? Who knew vanilla could mask the smell of paint??


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