The Countdown

10 weeks to go everyone! Baby Corbin is well on his way to his October birthday. Jay and I have asked family members to “Guess the Birth Date.” Mostly everyone guessed early or right on time. After some threatening gentle encouragement, those late-due-date guessers changed their minds. 🙂 Maybe we’ll post all of their guesses soon.

With baby things in full swing, I’ve had very little time to do any diy or craft projects. I’m still working on my 36″ wreath for Etsy, but it should be finished tomorrow and shipped out very soon. Boo to the yah.

In other news, Toby is having a little…operation…Friday. Yes, he will be wearing the Cone of Shame as one of our family members put it, losing his ability to bear children and mark my furniture. With all of Corbin’s new things coming into our home, we can’t risk Toby marking them. Dog urine + Newborn = Bad News. So, think of Toby on Friday around 7 a.m.

Time to update the registry. We have a family shower September 24 and a church shower September 25. Double header…that’s how we do things here in the Miller Household.

Any interesting DIY projects or baby things you’d like to share?


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