October’s here!

Waking up to brisk fall weather makes my heart happy…for several reasons. One, it means cooler temperatures, scarves, jackets and boots. Two, it means Corbin’s almost here. On October 1, I realized we’d be having a baby this month. That’s a scary thought!

Things are mostly ready. My bag’s packed. Corbin’s room is coming together as we continue to receive gifts from friends and family. He’s only 5.5 pounds and yet he has more clothes than I do. Crazy.

Because of the all-baby-all-the-time mode we’re in, everything’s been put on hold. Including the blog…sad.

Even my Etsy shop has been neglected. I’m hoping to start again fresh very soon with blogging and with making things for themillersground. I’m trying to convince my mom to quit her job, move down the street, and make things with me. I may or may not be using Corbin as bait for that!

Today’s agenda includes laundry, organizing things in the nursery, maybe taking the dogs to a dog park…some fun, restful things like that. I’m very much kind of a busy person, so I’m trying to take things slowly. We’ll see how that goes…


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