Hello Again

I’m alive!

I’m sure some of you were worried about me…wondering if the new baby had taken me down. Fear not! My husband and I are very excited to share our sweet baby boy with you!

Meet Corbin.

Isn’t he precious? (Okay, maybe we’re biased.) We’ve been so wrapped up in new baby things we’ve neglected housework, grocery shopping, and yes, our poor blog. But now that we’ve successfully survived 2 months, I hope to get back into the swing of things!

Since my only “free time” occurs during feedings, I frequent the Etsy app and browse all of the beautiful things there. ::Sigh:: I love, love Etsy. And anyone who browses crafty sites knows that it leads to a desire for craftiness. And where does one find items to satisfy a craft thirst?

That’s right, Hobby Lobby.

I wanted to make something pretty, something that reminds me of romance and love. So, here’s what I made.

I love wedding bouquets! One of my favorite parts of my wedding was creating the pew decorations, and I found out today I really like to arrange flowers. This was my first go at it, but I feel like it turned out pretty well!

Maybe this is the beginning of something fun. We’ll see 🙂


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