Product Review: Maya Wrap

Ah the Maya Wrap. For real, this is one of those products I really couldn’t do without!

When I was trying to research wraps and slings, a friend of mine told me about the Maya Wrap. She’s had three babies and really loves the wrap! She let me borrow hers when I had my son, and once I figured out how to work it, I was so excited! All of the sudden, I had full use of both hands. WHAT?! I could carry my baby and brush my teeth, or fix dinner, or clean something. Sigh…freedom. That’s what the Maya Wrap brings.


  • Style. The wrap comes in tons of cute colors and patterns. Mix and match with your wardrobe!
  • Fully adjustable. Some other wraps are fit to a certain size, but the Maya wrap (because of its design and metal ring) adjusts completely. Make it ooh-la-la comfy.
  • Doubles as a nursing cover. Important because the scientific law regarding diaper bags is that there’s never enough room for everything! A two-in-one deal is a must.
  • Works for newborns and older children! You’re able to wear this with newborns (make sure you read about baby safety here!) as well as older children. Boo to the yah.
  • Can be adjusted with one hand. This part is pretty great as well! You can hold your baby in the wrap with one hand and tighten it with the other. Some other slings or wraps require both hands to tie/manipulate the wrap. I found it pretty easy to work this one once I got the hang of it.


  • Price. The wrap is a bit on the expensive side (running about $60-70 a pop). I will tell you it’s totally worth it!
  • More complicated than other wraps. Many wraps are pretty self explanatory. You stick the baby in and you’re done. This one is a little more complicated. My friend showed me how to use mine, but you could also watch the DVD that comes with the wrap. (That’s right…it’s high-tech.) Or you could go to the website and see instructions. It’s important to read some sort of manual so you know how to wear the wrap safely.

All this to say…Corbin loves the wrap! When he’s fussy and I know it’s because he’s tired, I swaddle him up all nice and cuddly, and he goes right to sleep. Life. Saver.

Anyone else have a wrap or sling they love? Let me know!


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