There’s a lot going on in our house right now. Even though it’s Spring Break, Jay and I have been running around doing errands, shopping for cars, picking up and dropping off dogs, cleaning, meeting with students, and more. It’s funny how Spring Break is really only Spring Break if you have school-aged children who are out and needing your attention. Corbin needs attention most days, so it’s nothing new to us 🙂

Did you notice I said shopping for cars? That’s right. We’re looking for a way to trade in/sell my Toyota Matrix and purchase a bigger-than-the-matrix-but-still-small-SUV…like the Honda CR-V. Yes, I love it.

We’d also like to sell/trade in Jay’s car for something that gets better gas mileage. (His Escape gets around 22 highway…not the best.) So, we’ve been looking into some options. I wish cars weren’t so expensive…better yet, I wish I didn’t need a car.

We’re also contemplating giving the dogs away. I know…I’m a bad person. First let me say I LOVE my dogs. They drive me a little crazy sometime, but they were our babies before our baby. It’s just that their little paws make the house a mess…which will be a problem when C starts crawling (soon, I think!). No matter how often I clean it…it’s dirty again. Plus, we have to take them into consideration every time we leave the house for more than 5 hours. Who’s going to let the dogs out (who, who, who, who?)? What time do we have to get back so we can walk them? Or we have to take them with us everywhere. For the record, we knew this going in. We just thought it would be a little easier.

That being said, we’re not wanting to give them away to just anyone. My brother and his wife have a dog that my Chihuahua, Chicago, loves named Jack. They offered to take Chicago so he and Jack can hang out. That leaves Toby…a one-dog kinda guy. He needs a home with an energetic family that loves to play, and take walks. One without another dog probably as he has some alpha dog tendencies. But we love him.


We’re still praying about it.


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