A Few Minutes…

It’s all I have.

I swear my sweet baby knows exactly when I need to get things done. The moment I bring out the vacuum, turn on the shower, or begin updating my blog, he awakens…bright eyes and bushy tailed! Sweet thing. I love every moment, but some are easier than others 🙂

Things are going well with us. This is Easter week, so my husband’s been pretty busy at work (the whole minister thing and all). I still need to go get the stuff for Corbin’s first Easter basket (don’t judge me!). We have family coming to our home on Easter, so I need to go grocery shopping to make hamburgers. Mmmm…grilling. It’s officially Spring!

We’re officially a one-care family, as well as a debt-free family! It’s been great for this first week or so. It takes some extra planning to make sure Jay and I both have access to the vehicle when we need it, but generally, it’s going well! I actually prefer it because we communicate better with just the one car. Plus, he has to go everywhere with me…kind of like a willing hostage. I enjoy it 🙂

Another big change this week is that we gave away Toby, our Yorkie. Yes, I cried. No, I don’t care if that’s dumb. He was our first dog, and I love him. Luckily for us, he’s only moving a few streets away, to the home of some sweet people in the church. They have older kids who love to play, as well as another dog. From the pictures on Facebook, it seems things are going well.

Jay needs the computer, so I need to go. Enjoy Easter!


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