Oh hail!

A couple weeks ago, Irving experienced a thunderstorm with baseball sized hail. Many homes and car windshields were destroyed. Praise the Lord our vehicle was out of town with us at Youth Camp!

We called a roofer when we got back to check and see if there was damage. Unfortunately, there was. He said we’d need a new roof. (This was the part where the dollar signs swirled around me, making me somewhat nauseous.)

But, to quote Oliver and Company, why should I worry? Why should I care?

The Lord totally knew the situation, and today the roofer and insurance adjuster met to discuss whether or not the insurance company would pay for the bill. Nerve racking? Oh yeah.

In a matter of minutes, the two had worked out a deal that not only included a new roof, new gutters, new turbines, new other-things-I-can’t-remember, and a new roof for our Morgan Building, but also cost me…nothing. That’s right. Zero. Dollars.

Sigh. Thank. You. Jesus.

My roofer rocks.
My insurance company rocks.
And my God rocks.


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