The Hubby is finally home! 

After a long week in Houston, Jay returned yesterday with all 20 students and 5 sponsors. Success. 

They did great work with The Houston Project, a movement which seeks to better the city of Houston. Check out the above link for more info.

 The summer is trucking along, keeping us very, very busy! But every body is enjoying it…even Corbin.


Our sweet baby is almost 9 months old (what?!) He’ll start Kid’s Day Out at First Irving in late August, which is awesome for him (some routine, interaction with other kids, etc.) and great for me…10 hours a week…by myself! Oh the possibilities! 

Crafting, shopping, tanning.

Yeah, right. I’ll be cleaning, grocery shopping,…staying pasty white indoors. Oh well. Either way…10 hours is 10 hours! I AM hoping to craft some, including sewing a monster backpack for Corbin to take to KDO. (From the book, One Yard Wonders, further described on this blog.) 

Making things for your babes is so much fun! 

Time for coffee with my love. Have a great day!


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