Coupon Clipping Madness

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve begun my couponing journey after watching an overwhelming inspiring episode of Extreme Couponing. While I’m not trying to buy 36 bottles of hand soap and 45 cans of peas for less than a dollar, I am trying to cut our grocery bill significantly.

I honestly thought couponing was a pretty simple money-saving venture. Clip the coupon, take it to the store and buy the item, right? Wrong. Oh. So wrong.

While saving $.50 or $.25 on two boxes of Kraft macaroni is applaudable (every penny counts, right?), that’s not really the goal of couponing. There’s actual strategy in saving.

My first few trips to the grocery store didn’t yield super significant savings. I only bought a few things and saved a few dollars. If I’m being honest, I thought about quitting it altogether. I spent several hours clipping coupons, researching sales and attempting to understand each store’s coupon policy. All that effort + a drive to several stores = slight disappointment with only a few dollars savings.

But this last time. I. Totally. Rocked it.

All of this for $30.61. Now, that seems like a lot if you look at the number of items here. But take a look at the breakdown: (insert break it down music here)

2-90 ct. bottles of Nature Made Fish Oil =
$19.98 (Regular Price) – (BOGO Free + $2.00 off coupon) = $7.99
2-Almay Smart Balance Base Makeup =
$28 (Regular Price) – (BOGO Half Off + $5 of $15 cosmetic purchase + $1.00 off coupon) = $14.98

CVS Total = $24.41, saved $24.99.

52% savings!!

Walgreens (Transaction 1)
1-Lanacane Spray with Aloe = $6.00 (Sale Price) – $6.00 Register Rewards = Free

Walgreens (Transaction 2)
2-Gerber Puffs = 2/$6.00 (Sale Price) – ($1.00 off 2) = $5.00
1-Gerber Grabber Pouch = $1.99 (Regular Price) – ($.75 off one) = $1.24

Walgreens Total = $6.24 – $6.00 RR = $.24, saved $6.00

96% savings!! #winning!

Some disclaimers. My sister pointed out many of these items are cheaper at Walmart (ex: Almay makeup is now $9.99/ea.) That is true. Many of these items can be purchased almost any place elsewhere for significantly cheaper. However, once you factor in the Register Rewards programs and store promotions (for example, $5.00 of $15.00 cosmetic purchase), drugstores can be substantially cheaper! It’s all about watching the sales and ONLY buying the items that are deeply discounted. Jay was almost kicked off the couponing team for attempting to buy Blue Bell Ice Cream at CVS. I let him off with a warning. 🙂

Big sigh of relief! I did it. I received awesome savings thereby justifying all of my printing, cutting, screaming, crying, driving and shopping!

Ok. Time to clean. I have to admit I almost couldn’t find clean counter space to take the above picture.



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