Falling into Fall

It is here.

My sister has officially moved into her new apartment to get ready for the upcoming school year and my younger-but-still-taller-than-me brother has moved back to OSU…it’s officially the fall. And with fall, comes school. And with school, comes one of my favorite nerdy things! School supplies!!

Don’t roll your eyes at me!

Yes, I’m well aware I’m a nerd. And proud of it. It helped me with scholarships, good study habits and a plethora of other things. Well, maybe just those two things.

Nonetheless! Every year during this time, I peruse the back-t0-school aisles, jealous of the college student buying notebooks and binders. And mechanical pencils!

I love me some mechanical pencils.

Sigh. To be pursuing a degree again. A dream of mine.

For me though, this fall is not about MY schooling but about my little one’s schooling. That’s right, folks. Corbin starts Kid’s Day Out in two weeks at our church. He’ll walk into those little doors (well, I’ll carry him) with his little back pack on (okay, I’ll probably carry that, too), eyes wide and excited (or crying, who knows). Either way, five hours on Monday and five hours on Friday. While I’m sure he doesn’t get much “schooling” yet because of his age, he will learn things. If anything he will learn about God’s goodness. A lesson we all need.

I was stressing about him refusing to take a bottle, but my mom calmed me down on that issue. He will survive five hours at KDO without breast milk, if he so chooses. If he gets thirsty, he will drink. I can always mix it in his food, she says. You know that saying, “Keep Calm, Call Mom.”? That’s how I try to live my life. I suggest it.

Shower time. Less fun than hammer time, but still productive.


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