A post on passion

1) This is more of a serious post.

2) I was inspired to write this based on the movie/book Julie & Julia. Don’t judge me. 🙂

What’s your passion? Not your job or your goals–your passion. The thing that makes you smile the widest. The thing that, when you’re doing it, makes time fly by.

I recently watching Julie & Julia…twice. I think most people can say it’s a good movie. (Although I’m sure those who read the book will rant about how “The book was better.”) And while it may be, my crazy-lady-with-a-10-month-old schedule won’t allow for more reading than infant Tylenol dosage amounts and Kids Day Out procedures.

Nonetheless, I was able to watch the movie. And in doing so, I became a little depressed.

For awhile now, I’ve whined to Jay about my lack of passion. Oh, for sure there are things I enjoy. Crafting, for example. I like to find something online and make it, even change it up sometimes. I like when people ask where I purchased something, only to find out I made it with my own two hands.

I also like sports. I loved volleyball in junior high and high school. I also liked softball when I was younger. My high school and parts-of-college boyfriend, Chris, taught me the basics of tennis. And when Jay and I began dating, he taught me how to love it as well.

I’ve been told I’m a good storyteller. Not the kind of storyteller my grandmother accused me of being when I, as a child, conjured up who really fed her spinach to the dog. But a good, “Hey, tell that story of the time when Corbin’s diaper exploded and you had to leave El Fenix and buy another shirt.” Yeah, that happened.

I like many of these things. I may even really like a few of them. But a passion? I’m not so sure it goes that far.

My husband is a fantastic Student Pastor. If you know him, you know he’s really a child at heart. He connects with students (and their parents) in ways many of the Student Pastors of my youth-hood couldn’t. They love him, and rightfully so. I’ve never met a person who didn’t like Jay. And if I did, I would seriously worry about said person’s mental health.

It’s his passion. His God-given gift (one of many). He could do it every day, forever. And it’s a good thing because the life of a Student Pastor is 24/7.

But me. No passion. At least no found passion.

I do love to write. It was part of my major in college, although I don’t particularly enjoy news article writing. I like to blog (as you can see), though I’ve not been super consistent as other things have become priority. Like monster backpacks, teething toys and where in the world the pacifier went. Such is the way of a new mom, I suppose.

This isn’t meant to be a pity party for me, but more of a statement of general self-awareness. I need a passion. I’m very bored and unsure how to quench the boredom.

For now, I figure I’ll just try some things. Figure out what I enjoy, and then do it. Write about it. Take pictures of it. Fix it. Perfect it. Love it.

I saw a Groupon email today for 30% off beginner flight lessons. Maybe that’s where I start. 😉


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