Fall into Fall

Leaves are turning, people. The weather is getting cold…cooler than it was. Low to mid 90s, what?

Fall. Is. Here.

And that means it’s time to decorate! The past few years fall came and went, and I really didn’t do much in the line of decorations. Christmas was really the only time of year our house was decorated differently. Brighter lights. Brilliant displays of colors. Tiny Willow Tree people lining every open space on bookshelves and counters. But that’s for a later time.

For now, it’s golds, oranges and browns. Fall flowers, scarecrows, pumpkins. Mmmm. I love it.

I received some cash for my birthday last weekend, so I’m armed with $85 to spend on fall decor. My goal is something similar to this beauty found hereDoor Decor

I have a few items already–a tin bucket, a brown wreath, some left over fall foliage from another wreath I created. My door is actually the same color as this one in the pic, so I think the colors will all look great next to it. I can’t decide between a floating monogram ‘M’ in the middle of the wreath or a door bucket with fall flowers. Maybe that can have an ‘m’ on it.

Possibilites are endless.

And you? What do you do to get your house ready for fall?


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