Pumpkins, and scarecrows, and gourds, oh my!

Today I spent a significant time shopping for and arranging our front porch area to show our excitement for the fall! Once C went down for his nap, I gathered my things and ran to the porch to try my hand at door decor.

And voila!


I know what you’re thinking…”it’s not on the door.” And that’s true. The budget only allowed for these items 🙂 Additionally, I wondered how long the wreath would last on the glass door with us coming in and out all the time. So I decided to just do some things in the corner.

Either way, I’m pretty satisfied with it. I bought these cute scarecrows…

And some fun pumpkins…


And combined a wreath I already had with a sweet little door bucket from Hobby Lobby…


Add some bright flowers…


And it’s now fall at the Millers’ casa! Corbin liked it… Or at least noticed it, which I count as the same thing.

I’m thinking with next month’s budget I’ll buy a little raffia and tie up that tablecloth on the sides to give it a little something extra. Feels a little blah on bottom.

Is your home ready for fall??


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