“I would not like them in a box…”

Mom confession time.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to do with your child? Like you’ve played the seven games you know to play, you’ve done a walk, a bath, a snack, a book, a song…and your baby looks up at you like, “What’s next?”


Here’s the confession. I’m not Super Mom. I know…shocking.

I’m not the super Pinterest mom either, able to invent all these amazing Sensory Toys and cool ideas to make your baby a genius.

But I am resourceful. And I am fun. And what’s more? My baby loves me and loves mostly anything we do together.

The last few days, I’ve felt guilty about the activities I’m offering (or not offering). But he has shown me he has joy in the simple things. I took a sweet video of him playing “Where’s Corbin?” with the curtains.

And this is him playing with a couple boxes I put together as a tunnel.


Nothing fancy.

Moms, don’t fret. Your child wants to have fun with you. And while all those other things are amazing and help improve his senses and brain, if all you’re doing is playing and loving, you’re already teaching him so much!

So what activities do you do with your child? Any fun things you do with household items you already have??


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