Bye Bye Blues

Today was a major milestone for us and our sweet little C. Usually, as soon as we walk in our church’s nursery doors (which also happen to be the Kids Day Out program doors on Mondays and Fridays), Corbin gets big, crocodile tears in his eyes and grips my arm with a force unnatural for a one year old. I have to pry him off and surrender him into the loving arms of one of the preschool workers while he wails all the way to his room. They assure me he’s okay, it’s normal, and it’ll get better. But it breaks my heart he’s so sad! Does he think I’m leaving forever? Is he scared? These and other paranoid protective thoughts run through my head.

But today was different. We walked in and instantly, he revealed a sweet, toothy smile. His grip lessened a little. He wasn’t tense, but peaceful. Maybe even excited.

We walked him to his classroom, admiring the artwork of the other toddler rooms as we traveled the hallway. And then he saw it–an open door to a room filled with bright, fun toys.

He stretched out his arms and bravely dove into the waiting arms of his KDO teacher. Not a tear. Not a peep. He didn’t even look back.

In an instant, we were replaced by a beach ball. High five.

What has happened?? I mean a beach ball? Come on! I’m cooler than a ball!

Despite my delusional totally accurate measure of my importance, Corbin toddled around in that room as if he drove himself there and packed his own lunch. The nerve.

I’m actually very excited for him. And excited we must be doing something right for him to feel so confident and brave! Praise the Lord!

Did any of you have a hard time with this?


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