Beyond Breastfeeding

If you had told me last October I would breastfeed Corbin for a year, I would’ve slapped you and called you crazy. Seriously, the hormones were raging. There’s a synopsis of that here.

We didn’t really get off to a good start with the feedings. In fact the problem really started day 2 of Corbin’s sweet little life. When Corbin had trouble feeding that day, a nurse offered a breastfeeding shield that was supposed to help. With very little knowledge on feeding (I thought it was supposed to be super easy!), I accepted it, and Corbin fed just fine!

I didn’t know the shield can cut your milk supply by 50%. I also didn’t know babies have trouble nursing after you try to take away the shield. Lesson learned.

My mom and I tried everything to get Corbin to nurse without that little plastic devil. But the shield’s evil powers were too much for us. We eventually named her Nellie (the Nipple Shield) because Corbin loved her so. It was a fight, but in the end (many weeks later), I was finally able to throw Nellie away…after I cut her into little pieces.

From the beginning, nursing was very painful. I cried. A lot. Corbin cried. Jay cried….maybe. I’m not sure now.

But I made it! A year of nursing. I feel like I should get a medal.

As I was sitting in the glider in his room feeding him for the last time, I was almost a little sad. Not sad like, “Man, I’d love to continue this.” More like, “It’s crazy that he’s so grown.” This is a new stage for us. He doesn’t need me the way he used to, which sounds upsetting. But really, he’s growing up. He’s becoming more independent.

And I like that. 🙂


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